TDD Demystified

TDD is an omnipresent yet often misunderstood and seldom mastered practice. Is it a panacea? Is it a fad? Is it dead? Is it mandatory? Is it optional? If so, when and why? And how to do it at all? Bring your questions, doubts, concerns, your positive and negative experiences and let us discuss and figure out together just when and why and how TDD can be useful. And then, let’s hack some!

Cinema Paradiso

We run these workshops on our (open sourced) universal BDD/TDD playground that deals with a fictitious movie theatre, by the name of Cinema Paradiso. This immortal little cinema serves as the foundation for many various types of exercises. So far the following aspects have been discovered:

  • TDD, Back to Basics & The Flow
  • The Art of the Test Fixture
  • Use Cases, Actors, Interfaces
  • Domain Concepts & Modelling
  • Dependencies & Test Doubles
  • Legacy Code & Refactoring
  • Transformation Priority Premise
  • more to be added…

Memes ‘R’ Us