Software Craft Study Group

This is a weekly online meetup, where we discuss a resource, usually a video, about Software Engineering. Everyone studies the resource beforehand at their own pace and then we meet for a free discussion about it where everyone can bring their questions, experiences or other associations with the topic. All the sessions are posted on the Coders Only meetup page.

We want to take advantage of all the great content on Software Engineering available out there and learn from it to become better at our craft. These meetings give us an excuse to actually study these resources and a chance to ask each other questions for clarification as well as share our own experiences. It is also a great place to meet people.

We meet remotely (even if there is no pandemic going on), so you can join from anywhere! And don’t hesitate to join if you are just starting your programming journey, as long as you are interested in the weekly topic this is the right place for you.

Anyone can suggest content in our reddit community, vote on suggestions, and discuss anything related to the group:

Topic history

We keep a list of all the topics we have discussed as well as additional resources participants shared during the discussions. The doc is open for anyone to edit, so feel free to add your own links you mentioned during a discussion!