Lean Poker

So far we had two Lean Poker sessions in Zurich. Currently there are

no dates planned

Contact us if you’re interested and want to try it.

What Is It?

So here’s a summary, if you don’t want to visit Lean Poker Dot Org:

Teams of 2-5 people develop a poker robot in any of the supported languages. Every time a team pushes to its own git repository, the new code is deployed to production. Every few seconds the robots are playing rounds of Texas Hold’em Poker. To finish first at the end of the day the team needs to make sure that their robot collects more points than other bots. The main goal is not to win, but to learn. In this simulated environment teams need to deliver value in short time frames, which is a great opportunity to experiment with agile and lean practices without risks.

Seriously, it’s loads of fun and well worthwhile!


Please RSVP on Meetup or drop a line to contact (at) codersonly (dot) org.