TDD Demystified (Episode 5)

Ok, so thanks to all who joined us during the school-holidays for our next practice round that we again spent on our fancy new static site generator aka transmogrifier. This was not always without challenge, so extra thanks to all sticking around until the end.

And based on the experience of having to spend too much time and attention on designing the solution and fighting with the language, all to the cost of actual testing insights, in the next session we shall go back to our trusty old playground that is Cinema Paradiso. See you there!

TDD Demystified (Episode 4)

So after watching @infinitary complete the Price Engine Kata of Cinema Paradiso and having a thorough discussion on when and why to use and not to use TDD, we had our first go at Transmogrifier, our future static website generator.

And a bit of a new terrain it turned out to be, especially due to the surprising fact that out of about twenty hardcore hackers on the call NONE were proficient in JavaScript/TypeScript. But thanks to Oliver‘s patient guidance we had good learnings.

And based on the feedback we shall continue but with improved preparations. See you!

TDD Demystified (Episode 3)

Hey thanks to all of you joining our third session, about Getting into The Flow. The idea sprang from the struggles of the second workshop and so we set out to work on an already specified interface with sequenced test flow, this time creating a Seat Allocator for our renowned Cinema Paradiso.

And simpler it was and smoother it went, but… we find there’s still room to better anchor the experience of making small steps in quick succession. One challenge we identified was that resolving business expectations, working on the flow and discussing the art of testing all at the same time is too much. Hence the next session shall focus on the latter, on the minutiae that bring about good tests.

Stay tuned!

TDD Demystified (Episode 2)

So in the second session we took TDD Back to Basics and after watching and discussing the Roman Numerals Kata we went to create a Price Engine for our Cinema Paradiso. And we found that with TDD The Flow is hard to get into, so that’s what we’ll do next. And then I forgot to take a screenshot while we were 16 so here’s only one from the latter part of the session. Join us for the next one!