What do you mean by FAQ? I mean, did anyone really ask these questions?

Yeah, nobody. I mean, they're from me. At least yet. Should anyone actually ask things, I'll mark them as such. In the meanwhile, feel free to interpret the F in FAQ as Factitious.

What's that idiocy in BASIC on the home page? Are you taking the piss?

Watch your language, that's not idiocy, that's the first program I ever wrote! I invented, designed and created it on my first computer, a Sinclair ZX 81 with 1K RAM, in 1981. It even fit into the memory! So it's more, like, computing history.

And why the paintings as backdrop? Do you think we live in the past?

Well, a favourite, if somewhat provocative, statement of me is 'Code Is Art' and that kind of connects to some of the ideals of the Software Craftsmanship movement and that kind of resonates with me on several levels. Also, I wanted to use my own pictures and so I took some shots at Kunsthaus Zurich and edited them to fit the theme. By the way, the painters are Félix Vallotton, Claude Monet, Paul Signac and Giovanni Giacometti.

Seriously? Coders Weekly? Did you check your grammar?

Yeah, Coders Weekly would probably have called for a tailing apostrophe (such as Coders' Weekly) but I couldn't be bothered because this way it's just so symmetric with Coders Only and I'm a sucker for symmetry. 

So why does the site look like a total suckage on smartphones?

Dunno. I actually bought this theme for, I think, 40 monies someplace; but there you go. Trust me: you really don't want to see it in the original version. I've tried to make it at least readable by adding some hacks to the css but I'm just not willing to spend any more time on it. Infuriating. And one can't even blame teh open sources.

Is this all? Where can I ask some questions that actually make sense?

Feel free to consult the Contact page.