Delta Chat

Our social networking activities take place in the most amazing platform ever: EMAIL! Not joking on either count, it RUNS on email and it IS freaky cool!

And it’s called Delta Chat.

Not that you’d need much help, but here’s what you need to get in.

If you’re lazy, you don’t need to do anything! You can chat with us (one-on-one and in groups) using your current email account. Truth! Contact us if you want to join our chat group. However, the experience can be much better, nicer, cooler, by installing a client from Delta Chat.

The Delta Chat clients need IMAP and SMTP access to your mail server, so if your email service doesn’t provide these endpoints you will need to use another email account. Good news: members in our association can get a mail account for Delta Chat from us!

Want to join? We sure hope so! Don’t miss out on all the fun we’re having! Or do you have any questions? All kinds of answers are to be had from our members, how to use the client apps with various mail service providers, how to migrate your chat history… Contact us at contact (at) codersonly (dot) org.