Well, for a start, thanks for checking us out.

First and foremost, get on our Mailing List, where we announce events, which is your only safe bet to get into overbooked events.

Then, we’re on the Twitters under the guise of @CodersOnly. Follow us, retweet us, talk to us! And send us all the lolcats and doges.

Then, for matters that push the 280 character limit, feel free to pour your heart out in an email to contact (at) codersonly (dot) org.

Then, if you’ve ended up on a lonely island without access to your emails, we created a page just for you to send us a message.

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Then, you may want to enroll in our club on Meetup too so that you can be in the elevated company of the coolest 1’400+ coders of Zurich.

But most importantly, for anything and everything else, you are more than welcome at our Coders Monthly gatherings – do come along!